It Was A Good Idea In My Head...

I'm a competitive person. Anyone who knows me in real life will agree. It's in my genes. Seriously - watch my family interact, everything becomes a good natured competition. And don't dare say one us is too "chicken" to do something. That guarantees we will, just to prove a point (never said it was a good trait!).

Ever since my riding accident I've been wishy washy on riding. Can't live with it this day, can't live without it the next. It plays havoc with the motivation to stay fit, so I slow drifted further and further down the road towards less fit. 

Then I realized I wasn't doing myself any favors. I needed to find new motivation to get off the couch and leave the Haribo black and red raspberry candies behind (oh so yummy!). Enter the 5k run.

  • Reasonable distance - generally no threat of bruised soles and blackened toe nails like the marathoners.  
  • Goals - I can sign up ahead of time and use that as training motivation. Improve your finishing time from the last race!
  • Bling - My competitive soul is soothed by satin. 

Here's the thing. I have the attention span of a gnat. Running has never been a love of mine. So I did the intelligent thing and signed up for 6 5ks, 2 10ks and a 2 mile race this year. Including multiples over a single weekend (what was I thinking?!)! 

When I jump, I jump in with both feet!

Now I'm all like, hmmm... maybe I should have completed one race before I signed up for another. Oh well, my trusty interval training app and I are going to take to the streets and go for it! 

Wish me luck, I'm sure my mantra during the runs will be "This was a great idea 3 months ago. This was a good idea in my head..."

Or maybe not, maybe I will find that happy place that so many runners rave about...